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We create a home. Compelling backdrops for every aspect of peoples’ lives inspires us for a creative project from start to finish. We create your personal architecture…a home that reflects how you live. The name ‘All Elements’ is exactly that.All-Elements-Icon-Magazine The four elements that surround us in our environment on a daily basis; earth, air, fire and water. A home site will always be affected by these elements making it critical to acknowledge, appreciate and plan for. Unity is important in the design and build of a home. It is both an art and a science. To quote Frank Lloyd Wright “no home should be on a hill, it should be of the hill, belonging to it. Home and hill should live together, each happier for the other.”

When we set out on this journey we vowed to do things different. Better. Our passion is doing it right the first time and providing our clients with personal attention and communication. We dedicate ourselves to excellence in workmanship and disciplined project management capabilities to deliver a unique experience that is a marked departure from the traditional model. We believe in careful and strategic planning during the project, minimizing problems and generating a proactive solution rather than a reactive one. All Elements thrives on the challenge. We have worked on the most exceptional residences in the Valley. We are skilled at developing projects with ‘impossible’ sites, budgets and structural parameters, while meeting the goals of diverse clients. We at All Elements will work with you to create solutions and a plan to bring your dream home to reality.

All Elements believes in a collaborative experience. It is our mission to provide a pleasurable, forward thinking experience for everyone working with us. We understand the importance of creating a positive working environment. We strive to overcome obstacles and meet deadlines by leading by example as a way to motivate others. We appreciate all parties involved in our projects including our suppliers and contractors, engineering professionals and City officials. We believe teamwork is the foundation of a great experience built on fairness, respect and trust. The people involved in the day to day activity of your home are critical to our success and what will contribute to an exceptional final product.

With our projects we are constantly striving for new and creative ways to create a home that makes people talk…and think. We vow to think about every aspect of the final product before we even dig a hole ensuring success both esthetically for our clients but also financially.

We love to take something that people look at in a common way and make it unique; we want to present it to you in a different light. As we are designing and building a dream home for our clients, we want it to reflect you, your needs and your desires and make it stand out. We understand clients that desire to build private, luxury residences and the need to ensure it is unique, their individual taste and we ensure their affairs are handled with the upmost discretion.

Watch for our showhome completing construction this year at Sheerwater.

Kim Larson

AllElementsFAvatarKim’s roots in the field of design and build date back to her childhood. While other children in the neighbourhood in Penticton were playing, Kim could be found sitting in the driveway of neighboring homes drawing them as they stand. Her interest in architecture only continued to grow as she began working in local design firms at the age of 14 to obtain college work experience. Kim chose to enroll in university in California where she completed her degree in Architectural Technology in 1999 with an additional certificate in AutoCAD Technology and a minor in Interior Design. Following her graduation she worked in California, Vancouver and Australia before coming home to the Okanagan Valley. She worked with prestigious local architecture firms as a Project Manager for the various commercial, institutional and residential projects. Her passion has always continued to be luxury residential and spent the past many years building the highest quality homes for diverse local and international clients. Starting All Elements was a dream she had for many years. Her desire to achieve incredible success for her homeowners has her continuing to go above and beyond with service bringing back repeat clients and a loyal trade base.

Stephan Ams

AllElementsMAvatarStephan is a Journeyman Carpenter with over 19 years experience building custom homes throughout the Okanagan Valley. Stephan has a passion for creating practical yet esthetically pleasing details on every home he touches. He is very dedicated and detail oriented constantly coming up with new ideas to take your project to the next level. He truly treats your home as if it is his own, taking great pride in his work and ensuring the final product is beautiful down to the last detail. There is no task large enough and no challenge he’ll shy away from.