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“I always wanted to go to college in California,” confesses Kim Larson, director and owner of the award-winning construction company, All Elements Design.Manage.Build. And it wasn’t for the surfing. Larson, who grew up in Penticton, was obsessed even as a child, wiht drawing neighbourhood homes.Read More


Icon Magazine

The name ‘All Elements’ is exactly that. The four elements that surround us in the our environment on a daily basis; earth; air; fire and water. A home site will always be affected by these elements making it critical to acknowledge, appreciate and plan for. Unity is important in the design and build of a home.Read More


Business World – July 2015

Winner of the 2014 Tommie Gold Award for Home of the Year, All Elements Design. Manage. Build. makes the impossible, possible. Inspired by compelling complexities of peoples’ lives, the Okanagan Valley-based custom home builder is the brain child of a forward thinking duo who set out on a journey and vowed to do things differently. Read More


Business Examiner – July 2015

KELOWNA — All Elements Design.Manage.Build has been creating a big splash
in the Okanagan – and in BC. Re- cently it won the coveted Home of The Year Grand Tommie award at the 2014 Canadian Home Builders Association awards presentation. It also picked up four silver awards in various categories for the same project: Sin ̃Ceras. At the same time, All Elements also won three silver Tommies for another Kelowna project, Olympus… Read More


Prestige Design

L’Eloquence de la Simplicte – The Eloquence of Simplicity Read More


Modern Builder + Design

Launching a company with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – A truly landmark build – All Elements Design.Manage.Build. already has made waves in the luxury custom home building industry Read More


Design. Manage. Build.

We create a home. Compelling backdrops for every aspect of peoples’ lives inspires us for a creative project from start to finish. We create your personal architecture… a home that reflects how you live. The name ‘All Elements’ is exactly that. The four elements that surround us in our environment on a daily basis; earth, air, re and water. A home site will always be affected by these elements. We love to take something that people look at in a common way and make it unique; we want to present it to you in a different light… Read More


The Daily Courier – 2014 Tommie Awards ~ Silver Winners

Every year, the local building community competes to win a TOMMIE of their very own. TOMMIE is a symbol of excellence for the construction, design and renovation industry. When you are ready to build or renovate do it with the best – a TOMMIE Award winner. The TOMMIE Awards are proudly presented by… Read More


Okanagan Home Magazine – Modern Elegance on Lake Okanagan’s Shore

The home was truly a team effort with Carl Scholl designing the home’s concept before bringing in Kim Larson and Stephan Ams of All Elements Design.Manage.Build to bring this incredible contemporary design to fruition. Before construction commenced, the homeowners and All Elements agreed to a dynamic collaboration between the 4 of them in order to not only build this home, but to create their own sculptural landmark. The homeowners were very involved in the day-to-day activities and in the overall design concept from the inside out… Read More


Women in Construction – Kim Larson

Kim Larson’s passion to transform dreams into bricks and mortar attracted her to an architectural career, then owning her own construction company. She now directs All Elements Design.Manage.Build in Kelowna. Larson’s interest in design and construction reached back to her childhood. She began working in local design firms at the age of 14. She completed her architectural technology degree at the University of California, also achieving an AutoCAD Technology certificate and an interior design minor… Read More


The Daily Courier-2014 Without Equal/Home of the Year

Every year at the annual Tommie Awards gala, the announcement of the Grand Tommie for Home of the Year is arguably the most anticipated of the evening. Past winners represent the epitome of the Okanagan lifestyle and the pinnacle of the designers’ and builders’ art, and include some truly spectacular dwellings. And the 2014 Grand Tommie winner, the spectacular home named Sin~Ceras from All Elements Design Manage Build, certainly lives up that lineage… Read More


Kelowna Now – In Focus | Kim Larson of All Elements

Kim Larson has been fascinated with homes, design and real estate since she was a child. That interest in the buildings that shape our environment and how they represent us as individuals made it a natural fit for her career. All Elements Design.Manage.Build offers high quality in-house architectural design, construction and construction management services that improve client experience and turn homeowners’ dreams to their reality…. Read More